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Welcome 2019!

January 03, 2019
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Happy New Year and Welcome 2019!!
Let’s make this an amazing year financially and bring ‘peace’ to our portfolios and planning. What do I mean? I mean there are several things to consider that will allow your investments to work for you and allow you not to worry. You can help me with that . . . the items below will tell you how:

Taking a Distribution this Year? What are you thinking or planning for this year regarding travel, renovations to home, retirement, etc? Tell me as early as you can, if you’re planning on taking a distribution from your account. This market moves fast and the sooner I know how much you need, the better I can try to generate cash on days when the market is positive versus getting little notice and me selling assets on a market low.
Any Life Changes? Life throws us all curveballs that we cannot plan or predict, so please let me know if you’ve had any major changes in your family that would affect your financial picture so that we can take time to plan accordingly.
Market Making Your Nervous? Many of you have heard me comment somewhat kiddingly (somewhat seriously) that we are “one tweet away from a bad market”, and there are many factors happening globally that the market responds to every day. Daily market swings are getting more and more common and I strongly believe in diversification amount asset classes and types of securities for your investment portfolios. Some monthly statements reflected your highest market values ever and some monthly statements reflected decreased market values. This will continue whenever you are invested in the market and this year is no different. If fluctuating account values make you nervous, there are ways to minimize the decreases within a portfolio and stay invested in the market, BUT most of the ways involve holding periods of at least six years. There are investment products that can guarantee your future income – I can literally tell you what your minimum income would be – and there are investment products that can allow you to have growth but provide downside protection in your portfolio – such as, your portfolio is protected on the first 10% of negative returns. Guaranteed income products that I use are more expensive and the downside protection product has no cost to you. Again, I use diversification as my primary hedge against risk, but if you’d like more protection in your portfolio, contact me to investigate these types of investments in detail.
Finally, keep in mind that along with investments, I offer life insurance and long-term care insurance. I also don’t turn away anyone looking for a second opinion or needing financial advice, so feel free to pass out my contact information. I feel that there are still a lot of people who don’t know where or how their money is invested. THANK YOU to those who have sent me new clients and friends. I truly enjoy you and enjoy adding your friends to the Spencer Financial Family!

Thank you all for your trust and allowing me to help your dreams come true! It is going to be an amazing year!!