Dave Ramsey Investors

If you are on this page, that means you have completed a Dave Ramsey program and are ready for next steps in saving and investing, so CONGRATULATIONS! You've accomplished a lot already and are probably really excited to get moving onto the next step, so here goes!!

NEXT STEPS: contact me via phone (317-566-2050) or email (dspencer@spencerfinancialstrategies) or complete the 'contact me ' tab on my website to schedule a time to meet in person or to schedule a phone call so that we can 'meet' to determine how Spencer Financial Strategies can help you. Each and every client has a different financial picture and each and every client builds his/her financial picture at his/her own pace to meet his/her goals. I am simply here to help you reach those goals and provide guidance along the way and steer you in the right direction so that you can have peace while you build your own personal picture.

NEXT STEP 'FINE PRINT': I work with you to create, review and monitor your investment portfolios (including retirement plans through your employer) and provide insurance and estate planning reviews as needed. I do NOT charge an hourly rate for my services, so you are absolutely free to contact me with any questions or 'second-opinions' without worrying about cost. 

Please remember to interview a few advisors in this step, as we all work differently, are paid differently, and have various philosophical approaches to investing. My approach to investing comes from over 25 years of working in the investment business and seeing the reality of how investment products work. Again, feel free to reach out to me and I will feel free to provide an opinion on what you want me to review.

Thank you and Congratualtions again on steps you have completed using Dave Ramsey's solutions!

The information below is from several years ago from the American Funds Group and provides good information on long-term investing and facts that you may already know, but that are worth repeating:

1. Diversification can reduce risk.

2. Investors should look beyond short-term fluctuations.

3. Time is more important than timing.

4. Investors can make money in flat markets.

5. Historically, dividends from successful companies have risen over the long term.